StackPath Launches Sales Partner Program

By Marissa Bybee

We’re taking our mission to make the internet safe another step forward with the introduction of our CDN sales partner program. Sales partners get the opportunity to leverage StackPath technology as a component of their value proposition and share in our company’s success. Various projections show a three-fold increase in annual CDN industry revenue and growth of CDN reliance from just over 50% of all internet traffic to between 70-80% over the next 5 years. The role and scope of our services are growing rapidly, which gives our sales partners the opportunity to tap into a growing market and offer additional value to their customers.

Cybersecurity remains a top concern for consumers and enterprises alike. A 2015 Global Cybersecurity Status Report cites that only 38% of global organizations are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack. In the past 2 years this number has increased globally but still many CISOs and CEOs cite cybersecurity and data breeches as a top concern for their organizations. Our customer base includes everyone from small start-ups to major enterprises and they rely on our massive global backbone to transmit content safely, securely, and reliably. Our sales partners can leverage the same global edge platform to deliver consumer and enterprise security products (like SecureCDN, Encrypted VPN, and other standalone services as they become available), but with the option to provide them as-is or to align them with their own brands. In either case, the customers of our sales partners receive the same benefits, access, and support on our global network as millions of other existing customers.

In addition, we offer our partners dedicated sales and support training, marketing and sales tools, and co-selling and direct sales support. The new program is a win for everyone—partners, their customers, and StackPath. We’ve enabled partners to deploy our services as add-ons to their own services, creating additional value for them and their consumer and enterprise customers alike. We will offer our services to the partner community in either a reseller or referral model. You can apply to become part of the partner program by submitting an inquiry to Read the official press release for the Sales Partner Program.

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