Bem-vindo a São Paulo


We’re excited to announce our newest StackPath SecureCDN point of presence (PoP) in São Paulo, Brazil.


São Paulo marks a significant milestone in our development of the StackPath global platform as it is our first data center in South America and brings our total PoP count to 22 locations. As with every PoP deployment, this location increases capacity, decreases latency and improves performance for your customers all around the world.


Moreover, internet security is a global endeavor and this footprint in the 12th largest city in the world endows our network with the throughput of important data in the fight against an even broader range of security threats.


As CDN users probably already know, many platforms charge different rates into and out of certain regions and Latin America is usually billed at premium rates. SecureCDN rates are flat globally, meaning that bandwidth pricing is the same all across our network, no matter the origin or destination.


São Paulo will help serve South America, parts of Central America and reach as far north as Miami. In your StackPath control panel, you can expect to see traffic already being served from São Paulo and no action is required for you to start taking advantage of this new PoP on your sites.



Frankfurt & London Now 100Gbit


In related news, Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and London (LONAP) ports have been upgraded to 100Gbit, so you can expect even better performance out of the heart of Europe.


Stay tuned for more network announcements in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already, you can experience these improvements for yourself by signing up for a SecureCDN free trial and setting up a new site.


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