Minnesota Vikings First To Take New Approach To Monetize NFL Video Content

By Marquis Wimberly

Vikings Now for mobile and Connected TV is an advertising video on demand (AVOD) app that is revolutionizing how the NFL monetizes video content using the DotStudioPro platform, delivered direct-to-consumer on StackPath’s global CDN.

dotstudioPRO CEO Joe Pascual talks with StackPath VP Jay Moore on the success of The Minnesota Vikings' direct-to-consumer, content distribution strategy:

Content doesn't create revenue by itself

Professional sports teams generate a wealth of video content. From the games, practices, and interviews we see broadcasted on major television networks to the playful and motivational videos created by individual players and coaches shared across their personal social media profiles, there doesn't appear to be any shortage of content for fans to watch. Yet, fans are still hungry for more content, and franchises are left figuring out how to deliver content to fans and drive profits for the leagues. What might be the biggest challenge so far is creating a revenue model that allows leagues and teams to capitalize on video content, allow individual franchises to acquire fans and build communities, and keep up with evolving video distribution technology.

Teams look to grow digital media strategy beyond social

Social media is one such distribution method for pro sports teams. Last year, the NFL and Twitter began delivering live programming through the social networking platform, including a live show, live pregame coverage, and video clips of highlights, breaking news, and game play analysis. While it's a big step for the NFL and a major departure from the traditional, multi-billion-dollar broadcasting deals that make up the bulk of the NFL's content distribution strategy, it still left teams without a way to bolster their individual digital media strategies. The key for individual franchises is to leverage other distribution methods for their team content in order to drive fan engagement, monetize video content, and implement a 1:1 marketing strategy. The concern for the league with some distribution methods, like Facebook Live, is that teams would be giving away the content.

A new offensive tactic for the Vikings

The days of sports leagues negotiating multi-billion-dollar contracts to broadcast their games may be numbered as traditional viewership continues to decline, which leaves the NFL with video content decisions that affect how teams interact with loyal and potential fans. While NFL teams want to maximize use of video content, the NFL league has traditionally limited any use of its content that doesn't generate substantial returns. As a solution, individual franchises are creating their own direct-to-consumer media experiences. Led by the Minnesota Vikings, this new trend in premium OTT content could change the landscape for how fans connect with their favorite teams as well as create a new revenue stream for professional leagues and franchises.

Meet the delivery team behind this new channel at DEW 2018

Learn how the VIKINGS NOW AVOD (advertising video on demand) channel was built on the dotstudioPRO platform and delivered quickly and flawlessly to connected devices on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV via the massive StackPath CDN at the 5th Annual Digital Entertainment World conference in Los Angeles, CA. Join StackPath Senior Solutions Architect Brad Altfest, Minnesota Vikings Executive Director of Digital Media & Innovation Scott Kegley, and dotstudioPRO CEO/CTO Joe Pascual, moderated by Ring Digital Principal Analyst Brian Ring, on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 from 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM.

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