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July 10, 2018   •   Lance Crosby

Forward-Looking Statement


Our team jokes about my “forward-looking statements”— bold, assertive, and sometimes seemingly impossible declarations, or directions for where we need to go and how fast we need to get there. I can’t help it. If you’re going to be leading edge, you have to stay one step ahead of yourself, as well as everyone else.

Last week we took another step ahead, launching the next generation of our platform. We have a new global network. New services. New customer portal. New branding. StackPath 2.0.

It’s a big step for our company and our customers, integrating and consolidating our technologies into a single, frictionless platform.

But—more important—it’s a big step in the continuing transformation of the internet. We are the only cloud-scale infrastructure at the edge, the first secure edge platform.

A forward-looking statement? Not at all. I think you’ll agree.

Most edge services providers have multiple, dis-integrated networks built on old school, enterprise network designs. We know because—having acquired a few companies—we had a couple ourselves.

We spent the past year designing and building a global network that has true cloud scalability and extensibility. Yeah, that sounds like marketing speak, but it really means something. I won’t give away all our secrets but here are some of the broad strokes.

We engineered custom computing, storage, and networking hardware, virtualized the software stacks of core services, and developed an automation layer across all of it to form a foundation that can grow and evolve indefinitely.

We deploy full stacks in each PoP (we don’t call a single server in someone else’s cabinet a data center), leverage full hardware acceleration, and are at 40tbps and growing of global bandwidth (with the ability to scale that capacity exponentially with very low cost and effort).

Doing all this let us integrate, innovate, and launch new services (including edge delivery, web application firewall, managed DNS, website monitoring, and DDoS protection), consolidate all of our customer workloads, and have the capacity and flexibility to develop and offer countless more integrated services in the future.

Not to mention—and key to the future of the edge—all this lets us make our platform compassable. Customers will be able to build and deliver new edge services out of our core technologies, with security built in.

Secure. Unified. Frictionless. Hyperscale. Composable. Anything less than that shouldn’t call itself a secure edge platform.

This isn’t our first rodeo. I know that some will imitate. Some will duplicate. (Frankly, most will only be able to approximate, laboring under a patchwork of old investments and aging infrastructures.)

Sounds great. Bring it. We like competition. Just know that this is yesterday’s news. We’ve already moved on a few more forward-looking statements.

Read StackPath Launches Next Generation of Platform and Services for more information about the StackPath 2.0 launch, including the new StackPath network, services, and customer portal.


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