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March 19, 2019   •   David Mytton

Edge Computing - VMs at the Edge


Last month we announced the release of the StackPath Edge Computing Platform with the ability to run fully managed container workloads in any of our global PoPs. Today, we're pleased to announce enhancements to Edge Virtual Machines (VMs).

Edge VMs

Whether you need to have full access to the operating system to install custom kernel modules or run multiple, complex applications in a completely customer-controlled environment, Edge VMs give you flexibility and control. StackPath Edge Computing allows you to deploy your applications to a fully managed environment with no clusters to manage. Specify the workload requirements such as instance CPU/RAM sizing, where you want to deploy your images, how many instances to run globally, and what disk resources you need. StackPath does the rest.

StackPath provides optimized base OS images which allow full, direct SSH access to install your own software, applications and any other dependancies. Every instance gets a 25GB SSD persistent root disk with flat, global pricing across the global StackPath network.

Our web portal allows easy management of your workloads, which can be defined graphically or using a YAML configuration file. Our API mirrors the portal functionality so everything can be automated.

Create Compute Workload

The StackPath Edge Computing Platform

With EdgeEngine Serverless Scripting, Edge Containers and Edge VMs, the StackPath Edge Computing platform has every element of your application stack covered:

  • EdgeEngine: Serverless functions as a service - low latency execution of complex logic as close to the user as possible. Being able to intercept a request, perform some processing, personalize the response, and return the response within milliseconds allows for improved response times, lower costs, and better user experiences.
  • Edge Containers: Focus entirely on your application deployed inside containers without needing to deal with OS management, clusters or scheduling resources.
  • Edge VMs: Extra control and customization with full access to the operating system, running on the same edge platform as the other StackPath Edge Computing products.

Workloads are deployed on the same platform that all StackPath products run on. With free, low latency connectivity between other instances and StackPath services within the same PoP, you can take advantage of sophisticated request flows.

Start with a single product and then take advantage of combining products across the platform as your application grows. All workloads get full access to advanced functionality like Anycast IPs for global routing, diverse PoP locations and StackPath's premium networking with 65Tbps of total capacity, 26+ tier 1 carrier links, and 2,700+ peering partners.

StackPath Network Map

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